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Welcome to WISE!

WISE is a global trust community where security experts share information and work together, creating collaboration among different e-infrastructures. WISE provides a framework of standards, guidelines, and practices to promote the protection of critical infrastructure.



SCI (Security for Collaboration among Infrastructures) is a collaborative activity of information security officers from several large-scale infrastructures


Risk assessment is the overall process of risk identification, risk analysis and risk evaluation. It is an important activity as part of the implementation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS)


Security Communications Challenge Coordination. Maintaining trust between different infrastructures and domains depends largely on predictable responses by all parties involved. To ensure information is up-to-date, and the participants are prepared to respond to information security events when the time comes, running security communications challenges is an important element of preparedness.


Incident Response & Threat Intelligence. The sharing of security information, both proactive threat intelligence and reactive incident
response communication, is a recognised challenge in distributed infrastructures. The challenges
are exacerbated when multiple infrastructures are affected.

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