December 4, 2015

About WISE

Real security on the internet can only be realised within a broader context of trust and respect. Collaboration is the key to successful information security.

What is WISE?

The WISE, Wise Information Security for Collaborating e-Infrastructures, community was born as the result of a workshop in October 2015, which was jointly organised by the GÉANT group SIG-ISM (Special Interest Group on Information Security Management) and SCI, the ‘Security for Collaboration among Infrastructures’ group of staff from several large-scale distributed computing infrastructures. (See news about this event.)


During the three days spent together it became evident that there was a need for a more profound collaboration.

WISE provides a trusted global framework where security experts can share information on topics such as risk management, experiences about certification processes and threat intelligence.

Who is WISE?

WISE is governed by a steering committee and project-managed by staff from GÉANT. Further information can be found on the Wiki. Current WISE Community members include security representatives from multiple e-Infrastructures from around the world.