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About WISE

Real security on the internet can only be realised within a broader context of trust and respect. Collaboration is the key to successful information security.

What is the WISE mission?

The WISE community enhances best practice in information security for IT infrastructures for research.

How does WISE operate to fulfill its mission?

WISE fosters a collaborative community of security experts and builds trust between IT infrastructures, i.e. all the various types of distributed computing, data, and network infrastructures in use today for the benefit of research, including cyberinfrastructures, e-infrastructures and research infrastructures. Through membership of working groups and attendance at workshops these experts participate in the joint development of policy frameworks, guidelines, and templates.

Tell me more about WISE and how was it formed?

The WISE, Wise Information Security for Collaborating e-Infrastructures, community was born as the result of a workshop in October 2015, which was jointly organised by the GÉANT group SIG-ISM (Special Interest Group on Information Security Management) and SCI, the ‘Security for Collaboration among Infrastructures’ group of staff from several large-scale distributed computing infrastructures. (See news about this event.)


During the three days spent together it became evident that there was a need for a more profound collaboration.

WISE provides a trusted global framework where security experts can share information on topics such as risk management, experiences about certification processes and threat intelligence.

Who is WISE?

WISE is governed by a steering committee and project-managed by staff from GÉANT. Further information can be found on the Wiki. Current WISE Community members include security representatives from multiple IT infrastructures for research from around the world.