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Learning from SURF’s Cyber Threat Assessment ’16

As well as being the Co-Chair of WISE’s RAW Working group, Bart Bosma of SURFnet is instrumental in identifying the current risks to our community. The Cyber Threat Assessment for 2016, authored by Bart and presented at TNC17, identifies the key threats over the past year for education, research and business. An English version has recently been made available on SURF’s Website.

“The Cyber Threat Analysis 2016 was prepared on the basis of interviews with various security experts in the world of education and research in the Netherlands. The threats that had the greatest impact on education were: manipulation of digitally stored data and identity fraud. Within research it was: obtaining and publishing data and espionage. For business, it was obtaining and publishing data.” Read the full report for more information! Although the analysis centres on the Netherlands, the lessons learnt can be applied to all the infrastructures represented in WISE.

Take a look at the RAW WG Wiki for more links to relevant publications.