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A New WISE Chair for Spring

Change is in the air for WISE as Spring approaches! Hannah Short (CERN) is leaving her role of WISE Steering Committee Chair and David Kelsey (STFC-RAL) will be taking the reigns.

“As of the 6th WISE Workshop, I will be stepping down in my role as WISE Steering Committee Chair. It has been a fantastic experience to work with you all and help develop WISE!” The change comes following new responsibilities at CERN, however, Hannah will remain involved in the WISE Working Groups and as part of the Steering Committee.

David Kelsey was a founding member of WISE, is a current member of the Steering Committee, and our most recent host for the WISE Workshop in Abingdon. He is well placed to play the role of Chair and ensure that WISE continues to be useful to the wider e-Infrastructure community. We wish him well in this new role!