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WG: Security in Big and Open Data (SBOD-WG)

Chair: Ralph Niederberger – HBP, PRACE and EUDAT

Nowadays, ‘Big data’ and ‘Open data’ are often-heard buzzwords. Big data refers to large datasets that are not always public. Open data refers to datasets that are not necessarily large but are available to everyone and can be used and republished without restrictions. There are big datasets which have to be accessible worldwide, replicable for security reasons (damage) or with high-speed access (available at different sites to spread download capacity), but accessible by everyone or by distinct people or working groups only. All these types of data may be different, but in some cases they are identical. Large datasets from scientific research sources are a clear example of the overlap between these areas because these datasets can be considered both big and open data.

The Security in Big and Open Data (SBOD) working group focuses on security issues that arise when dealing with big and open data especially within the e-infrastructures. Security issues in this context concentrate on confidentiality, integrity and availability. Confidentiality regulates access to the information, integrity assures that the information is trustworthy, i.e. has not been changed without authorisation, and availability guarantees access to the information by authorised people at any time.

SBOD intends to focus on high level security issues. Issues only specific / pertaining to CSIRTs (computer security incident response teams) are out of the scope of this working group.

Emails are the means of communication of the working group. SBOD will mainly meet via teleconferences, but if needed face-to-face meetings will also be considered and organised.

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